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The Differences and Benefits of Using Gridwall or Slatwall Display Grids

Gridwall and Slatwall grids are both options you should consider for your store  display. They both ensure that you can quickly move around products and change the look of the collection in a quick and efficient manner. Both allow you to correctly display items that you want the customers to catch a glimpse of, which leads to its sale. 

Although gridwall and slatwall panels offer similar functionalities, there are some key differences that you should know about before deciding which one is most suitable for your needs. The design and kind of shop you have are two essential aspects that should be considered when you decide which one is ideal for you. 

What is Gridwall? 

A gridwall panel is a metal grid onto which you can hook numerous different accessories. These panels can be mounted on the wall or be freestanding, while others can be attached to furniture along within your shop. You can also transport gridwall hooks and panels easily should you need to build a display at an event. 

There is a range of various different gridwall accessories you can find at any retail shop that makes your display look attractive and consistent. You can connect gridwall hooks, which are easily configurable and offer customizable options like single prongs and Euro hooks, to your gridwall, which can hold small to medium products ensuring that you can display a large number of units at one time. 

Benefits of Using Gridwall Hooks and Other Accessories

  • Raises the appeal of your shop by giving it a modern look. 
  • Easily configurable and doesn’t take a lot of time
  • Portability ensures that you can take down and put up the temporary displays at will while at an event. 
  • Versatility allows you to let it be freestanding or hook it on the wall with customizable accessory options. 
  • Light but efficient 
  • Simple Maintenance Process

What is Slatwall?

Slatwall is similar to gridwall, meaning it is a panel that you can connect accessories to in order to hold stock. They are available on a special freestanding base that can enhance the look of your shop or can be directly fit into the walls. Slatwall has horizontal grooves onto which the accessories are attached; this is the main difference between gridwall and slatwall. 

Slatwall covers the entire wall, so it gives the look of a permanent feature of the building; it also looks plain so that it doesn’t divert the attention of your customers from the products. Slatwall also has numerous accessories like rails, hooks, shelf brackets, football holders, and many more.

 Benefits of using Slatwall

  • Strong enough to hold oversized items
  • Gives the look of a permanent feature of your store , instead of a temporary display. 
  • Universal sizes mean tons of options for accessories

Your needs are the key factor in deciding which one to choose; if you want a temporary display panel that you can transport and move efficiently, then you should go for a gridwall. But, if you require a permanent retail display, you should go for slatwall. Contact us for the best gridwall and slatwall panels or accessories. 

Why are Custom Tissue Papers Useful for Stores? A Useful Guide

There is no need to spend a tremendous amount of money on custom sheets of tissue paper when you can purchase them in bulk at a much cheaper price. When purchasing custom tissue paper for retail stores, you will find that the price will be about the same. However, some businesses do add a small charge for their tissue, because they typically have a specific niche store that they tend to stock and serve. A tissue store, for example, might add a few dollars or cents to the cost of each tissue piece. Tissue pieces that are not needed very frequently can also be kept around the store for a few dollars per sheet. For businesses that deal with large amounts of tissue paper, this may be considered to be a good deal.

Custom tissue paper for retail stores are more durable than standard tissue. Standard paper tends to fall apart after being exposed to certain temperatures and conditions. The design could possibly be slightly worn out, or the colors may have faded over time. With custom tissue paper, this is not going to be an issue. Since the sheets are designed and made specifically for this purpose, they will not have any weaknesses whatsoever.

Why should you buy custom tissue paper for your retail store?

Buying paper products in bulk can help save . Standard supplies can become very expensive when you need to buy them in large quantities. This means that buying custom tissue allows a business owner to get the items that they need at a reasonable cost. Even better, these products are more likely to attract customers, which increases overall sales. They are multipurpose and make for easy branding.

Many companies choose to use custom printed products. They are not only more attractive, but they are more effective at protecting surfaces. This is especially important in a food service setting. Disposable products can get messy, and they are often used in a manner that leaves them vulnerable to damage. Using custom tissue paper allows restaurant owners and others in such settings to protect surfaces without having to worry about them being damaged.

When a business buys tissue paper in bulk, it can also benefit them in other ways. Because it is more expensive than standard papers, retailers who buy them in large quantities often get discounts. It is possible to save quite a bit of money by doing so.  In addition to getting money-saving benefits, purchasing tissue paper in bulk also helps a retailer's bottom line.

Final Take

These are just a few of the benefits of buying custom tissue paper. It is possible to get products that meet all of your needs, and they are likely to be of a higher quality than products you would find in a regular store. They often make great products at affordable prices, which can save you even more money in the long run. Call 1-800-426-5708 for more information.

Clothing Racks Give Stores Style And Function

Remodeling a store is necessary to help improve customer flow so that shoppers can easily find what they want to buy. This is especially true in a clothing store where organization of  clothes is very important. The appearance of the store itself is also important for customers to  continue shopping there,  how the store is displayed and laid out can greatly contribute to this.

Fortunately, store managers can order new clothing racks. With clothing racks, a selection of different garments can be displayed neatly and conveniently in one area. These racks come with features such as shelving and bars so certain articles of clothing can be displayed as intended to shoppers. For the benefit of clothing stores, clothing racks can be both stylish and functional.

How Do Clothing Racks Add Appeal To A Store?

Unless you’re opening your store for the first time, it’s bound to have a theme that customers come to expect. There are many themes of clothing stores, and you likely have an established theme and atmosphere to express what yours is all about.

In regards to clothing racks, the materials and styles are few and far between, though there is certainly a set that blends in cohesively with the rest of your building.

Wood clothing racks are meant to stimulate feelings of warmth and coziness. Wood racks work with a plethora of different stores from luxury to beachwear to kids stores in order to give shoppers positive feelings. On the other hand, metal racks are versatile and can look flawless with any decor you place around it, and their clean appearance makes them look gorgeous in a contemporary or modern-style store. Unlike wood that complements a cozy and relaxed store setting, metal encourages shoppers to have energy and move. For store owners that are still planning their store, there is no right or wrong ambiance to consider.

Plastic is also a possibility for hanging and displaying clothes, and it can be made in a variety of colors, which is ideal for stores that want to center around branding.

Racks allows your store to have a finished look - one that customers can easily notice and remember. If racks don’t look cohesive with the rest of the store, they stick out like sore thumbs and give shoppers the impression that the store isn’t maintained well. Be sure that is never the case so you can continue to attract customers and make sales.

How Can Clothing Racks Be Customized?

Clothing racks come in both movable and immovable versions to best suit the store’s needs. Movable racks are usually lightweight or come with wheels so that stores can change the layout of the area as they please. This is great for special sales, holidays, and other occasions where clearing space is necessary.

Immovable racks are ideal for stores that don’t plan to customize their layout any time soon. These racks are substantial so that they do not  move when a customer touches something. This prevents the racks from possibly falling over, and damaging merchandise. Of course, it is never a bad idea to have both kinds of racks and use the ones where they’re most needed.


Clothing stores have many types of clothing racks to consider. These come with bars and shelves to prominently display clothes as needed. Ordering wood or metal clothing racks go with a certain store ambiance, or can be incorporated into certain themes. Clothing racks can also be movable and immovable, with advantages for choosing either type.


The Top Three Green Advantages of Plastic Customized Shopping Bags

Almost all businesses require shopping bags for clients to carry their purchased goods. Customers carry groceries, other purchased products, or takeaway goods in these bags. These bags are an absolute necessity for all shops, restaurants, bakeries, butchers, and other sellers. The retailer's first choice is a plastic bag. Plastic bags, have numerous advantages over alternatives such as paper and cloth bags. Plastic bags usually cost only one penny each. This is far less expensive than the normal paper bag, which costs 5 cents for each bag. Fabric bags can range in price from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars.

Furthermore, the plastic bag is lightweight and convenient to store. As a result, they take up less space than other bags. Plastic bags are much easier to open and double up. This saves valuable checkout time by helping to speed up transactions and improve customer service.

Compared to paper and cloth bags, custom plastic bags offer some clear environmental benefits.  Also, companies must also comprehend the environmental benefits of plastic bags in order to select the best personalized grocery bag for their needs.

Do you know which type of bags use more energy to manufacture: plastic or paper? Do you have any idea if producing paper or plastic bags will result in more air being produced? Read on to learn know

1: Plastic Bags: Great for Reuse and Recycling - According to the EPA, Americans use about 100 million plastic bags annually. However, the American Forest & Paper Association reports that Americans use only 10 million paper bags a year. The ease of handling and transportation of plastic bags is a motivating factor for this diversity.

One fact that these statistics don't show is how much Americans are reusing plastic bags. Many people put away plastic bags after shopping and use them for storing lunch, trash, home storage, and many other purposes. Plastic bags last much longer than paper bags. People can wash them out and use them over and over, perhaps for years. In addition, plastic bags are very easy to recycle. Many large retailers, such as grocery stores, have convenient drop-off points for recycling plastic bags. This means that people don't have to travel to recycle plastic bags. Instead, they can take them shopping and do their daily recycling. Careful recycling by customers can offset the perception of the negative environmental impact of the use of plastic bags. According to the EPA, Americans are doing much better in their efforts to recycle plastic bags.

2: Plastic Bags Take Up Less Space in Landfills - All unrecycled waste is sent to local landfills. This includes paper and plastic bags. It's easy to see that plastic bags are much more compact than paper bags. In fact, plastic bags occupy only 0.4% of the landfill space and are very small. In contrast, paper bags occupy 1.0% of landfills, more than double the plastic bags. In addition, paper bags weigh 6 to 7 times more than plastic bags. Most municipalities pay a fee to use a local landfill based on the weight of the landfill. The heavier the weight, the higher the price. This means that the daily use of paper bags instead of plastic bags can be expensive for cities and towns. In many cases, local governments pass these costs on to their customers through taxes and other forms of income collection.

3: Much Less Pollution from Making Plastic Bags - Many consumers and businesses are not thinking about the cost of making paper or plastic bags in an environmentally friendly way. When choosing a bag to use, it is important to understand the environmental impact of making paper or plastic bags. The EPA confirms that paper bag manufacturing uses 40% more energy than plastic bag manufacturing. In addition, the production of paper bags causes more pollution. Studies show that making a paper bag produces 50% more water and 70% more air pollution than making a plastic bag.

4 Amazing Benefits of Using Customized Tissue Paper for Your Business

4 Amazing Benefits of Using Customized Tissue Paper for Your Business

One should always keep an eye on new and exciting ways to promote your brand. Custom tissue paper is an excellent product for any business, and the best part is it can do wonders by entering your marketing strategy. It can be used as part of your marketing campaign in trade shows and events or to hand out with purchases. This blog post will cover some of the benefits of using custom tissue paper for your business needs.

 Custom Tissue Paper is a Great Way to Set Your Business Apart from Others

Custom tissue paper can be a great way to set your business apart from others. It's one of the best giveaways for customers. Customize it with your logo or message to create a lasting impression on customers while also promote your brand. With so many options available, there are endless ways you can customize this product!

 It's Easy to Order Custom Printed Tissue Paper Online!

With the help of our services, you can put the hard work away and focus on smart work. We provide you with an array of colors to choose from, all you have to do is select the design, and you are ready to rock your business with a new marketing tactic!

 Printed Tissue is a Inexpensive Promotional Item that can be Given Away at Trade Shows or Other Events

Printed tissue is a inexpensive promotional item that can be given away at trade shows or other events.  This can serve as one of the best ways to promote your brand and keep it memorable because people love to look at pretty and unique things!

 Printable Tissue Makes it Easier than Ever to Create Personalized Gifts for Customers and Employees alike!

Custom tissue paper is a brilliant way to improve your customer experience. Whether you are hosting an event, opening a new location, or introducing a new product, custom tissue paper will have customers feeling like they've received the best treatment possible. From an elegant sheen to durability and style options, there are many reasons why custom tissue paper should be part of your business strategy today!

Custom tissue paper is a cost-effective way to give your business an added touch of professionalism. It can be used in any industry and will make you stand out from the competition by adding color, texture, or style. The best part about this is that they are very easy to design. All you have to do is go to the website and pick the best color. If you have the text ready, you won't have to wait much longer! Our website has a very simple process of getting things done easily. Want to gather more information before you place your order? Call us today

How to Choose Air Conditioner Repair Specialists 

Choosing the right air conditioner repair specialists is important for getting your AC up and running. You want to make sure that they are qualified, licensed, will fix any problem you have quickly, and won't charge too much. You need to choose the right company for air conditioner repair in Houston to get this done right.

This blog post talks about how to choose air conditioning service providers, so you don't end up regretting it later on.

1. Reputable Companies Are Knowledgeable, Skilled, and Will Fix Your Problems Quickly

When you choose a company for air conditioner repair in Houston to work with, you want one that is reputable. You need someone who knows what they are doing and will be able to fix your problem quickly. They should not overcharge you for the job either.

The specific condition of your AC depends on what type of problem you are experiencing with it. If it is very old, then there is no telling what shape it might be in. It could have problems that need to be fixed or replaced immediately, or it could just need minor repairs and cleaning because the previous owners didn't take care of it. Either way, you need to find an HVAC company that is willing to fix it for you easily.

2. Check the License and Insurance of Air Conditioning Repair Professionals

Before you agree to work with air conditioner repair professionals, make sure they are licensed and insured. It is important to ensure that there will be no issues if something goes wrong with your AC. This could end up causing damage to your home or even injuring you or a family member.

3. Compare the Estimates of Different AC Repair Companies

When looking for air conditioner repair in Houston, make sure that you get at least three quotes for the job. You will then be able to choose the best and most affordable one for your needs. Don't worry about asking the AC repair professionals plenty of questions during this time, either. They should be more than happy to answer each one of them for you.

4. Be Sure to Gather References from AC Repair Companies

You will want to ask the companies you are considering for air conditioner repair in Houston for references. You want to make sure that they have a list of customers they have worked with in the past and were happy with the service. If they can't provide you with references, then it is best to move on and find someone else for the job.

5. Ask the AC Repair Company about Their Prices

Before you choose an air conditioning repair company, be sure that you are getting a good price. Making sure to get at least three quotes for the job will help with this task. If any of them are too expensive for your budget, keep looking until you find an affordable one.

6. Be Sure to Ask about Guarantees

When choosing an air conditioner repair company, be sure that they offer guarantees on their work or at least warranties. This way, if there is any problem with their repairs, then the AC repair company will come back out and fix it for free.

The main thing to keep in mind when choosing air conditioner repair professionals is that you want to make sure they are reputable. They should also be able to fix the problem quickly and at an affordable price. You can then compare their prices, insurance, licenses, guarantees, warranties, references, and any other information that you might need later on.

To get more information about air conditioning repair in Houston, please visit us today.

4 Advantages to Hire a Professional Air Conditioning Repair Service

Air conditioner problems may shoot up at any time without any warning. It does not matter how careful you are, issues such as a jammed duct or clogged filters might turn up from time to time to annoy you. 


In such situations, it is better to fix the issue as soon as possible. And for that, you would want to have experienced knowledge of a reliable air conditioner and heating repair service.


Many people like to take a DIY approach after watching YouTube videos to fix AC problems. And it is possible that they attain success, mainly if the issue is minor. Nevertheless, the situation becomes grave when a handy homeowner tries to remedy a complicated issue. So, it is advised to leave the AC repair job in the hands of professionals. Also, if you live in Houston, then you should definitely try Asap Air; they offer the best AC service in Houston.


The following are some benefits of hiring a professional air conditioner repair:


1. Saves Money


Air conditioner repair is a task that costs less when undertaken by professionals and experts. Whereas, if you try to fix the issue on your own, then you may run into more problems, making the original issue worse, which can be quite costly over time. Also, you might not have knowledge of fixing possible problems that might turn up in the future. But by hiring professionals for the repair tasks, you will save money on existing problems and also on potential air conditioner problems in the future.


2. Free Maintenance and Advice


Professional air conditioner repair service offers free tips on maintaining the AC unit. Consequently, this avoids future repairs. Not to mention, regular maintenance also increases the life expectancy of the unit. If you compare the perks that come from free maintenance, then you will understand how valuable maintenance tips are enough to offset the expenses of the repair service.


3. Safety


If you try to fix your AC all by yourself, there is always a risk of getting shocks. It’s also likely that you might get injured while lifting or dismounting the AC unit. All such risks can easily be ignored at by hiring a reputed service. A responsible AC service comes completely equipped with the essential safety measures to fix your AC unit. So, the question of injuries does not increase. Additionally, they handle your AC unit effectively, consequently preventing any damage to the unit.


4. Warranty


A good and competent air conditioning repair service always provides a warranty on repairs. That protects you from damages and repairs that appear in the warranty terms for a particular period of time. And if the repairs appear again, you can call the service to fix the issue without giving out anything from your pocket.


The last thing you may want to have on your mind is a malfunctioning or broken air conditioning unit. Especially, during the blazing summer months. So, just call Asap Air and get relief from unwanted AC problems. Their licensed technicians have years of experience in handling various problems with all types of air conditioners and fix all your AC issues. So, what are you waiting for? Call them right away at (713) 862-1775 to get your AC repair done.

Do You Know the Importance of Having Paper Bags? Top 5 Reasons to Use Them

If you are looking to pack your inventory for delivery, paper bags may be the way to go. Unlike plastic which has hundreds of disadvantages, including air pollution and animal deaths when used in manufacturing and disposal after use -paper is recyclable. They're also 100% reusable, meaning there's no waste from unnecessary packaging material that ends up filling landfills or harming our environment over time.

Paper bags are an excellent way to advertise your business. They come in various colors and shapes, making it easy for you to customize them as needed. Customized paper bags with company logos, advertisements, and product displays are popular in marketing. It will entice more potential customers to your firm and thus boost your revenue.

Know about the Four Uses of a Pegboard

Many of us want to lead a nice, structured life, but we lack the necessary tools to do it. When we talk about organizing, you definitely have a lot of alternatives, but it’s difficult to top the storage provided by pegboards. When you use pegboards, you for sure will be better organized and have a lot of extra space. Rings, Hooks, baskets, shelf brackets, and cups are certain examples of pegboard accessories. You can do many things to arrange your pegboard after buying pegboard accessories! Here are certain advantages of a pegboard and how it can help you in organizing your life.

A Pegboard is a very good medium for organizing and storing gadgets, tools, accessories and other supplies. A pegboard works excellently in varied circumstances since it can be customized to fit your needs. In both commercial facilities as well as private places, a pegboard is ideal for keeping things arranged properly. Baskets, Hooks, shelves, buckets and other pegboard accessories keep equipment and tools well organized and ready to use. Get pegboard accessories from us and use a pegboard in the below followingways to become more organized.

1. Use a Pegboard in Your Workroom

Pegboard is a good way of keeping tools arranged in your workshop. It works excellently behind the workstation, allowing tools to be within easy reach. Measure your wall space behind your station to install the pegboard. After that, get the pegboard fitted. Use the anchors to attach the piece to the wall. Remember that the pegboard will be heavy after you hang your tools. So, assess your tools for choosing the ideal pegboard shelves and hooks as per your requirements. You’ll discover many types of pegboard accessories and hooks to choose from, making it very easy to tailor your pegboard toyour needs.

2. Use a Pegboard in Your Hobby Room

There is nothing better than a pegboard for keeping hobby supplies well organized. On the walls of your hobby room, you can put as many or as few pegboards as you require. Ensure the pegboard is properly fastened to the hobby wall with appropriate wall fasteners. You can use pegboard hooks for hanging sewing equipment, scissors, and craft equipment. Pegboard bins can be used for storing objects that cannot be hung. Keep your craft materials inside plastic bags and hang the plastic bags from hooks to keep them visible and organized.

3. Use a Pegboard in Your Home Office

Installing a small pegboard near your desk helps you arrange most of your office supplies. Items like sticky note pads or tape rollers can be easily stored on shelves of pegboard. Bins can be hung on a pegboard for organizing pens, pencils and markers. Now free your desktop area for other uses by installing a pegboard.

4. Use a Pegboard in Your Kitchen

Now give your kitchen an ordered appearance by using a pegboard. Conserve countertop space and keep kitchen accessories within easy reach by utilizing pegboard either behind your counter or for covering your complete wall.

Now shop for pegboard accessories with us and choose from many patterns and varieties available or opt for your own customized solution within your range. You can even purchase amazing packages including a range of hooks plus the board.

Five Advantages of Gondola Shelving

Gondola shelving is a very popular present day shop display shelving offering retail outlets a chance to maximize their retail space. It is a double-sided free-standing unit that doesn’t require attachment to any walls and has been designed keeping convenience of customers in mind.

Utilized to increase display features of shops in a variety of stores from pharmacy to supermarkets, gondola shelving is the best solution for retailers having many products to display who don’t desire to spend money on high priced fixed retail shelving.

Here are some of the advantages of gondola shelving:

Saves Space

The major benefit of this kind of retail shelving is that it helps stores to save space. The units are arranged with vertical shelving on two sides. Gondola shelving systems being free-standing units create passage for products in the entire premises. Shelves being vertically stacked consume minimum space and offer a practical, accessible solution for retailers desiring to display many types of items in a limited space.

Convenient to Assemble

One major and practical advantage of gondola shelving is that it’s very easy and quick to assemble. It does not require professional help, which means that you end up saving money on installation and put the display as per your convenience as soon as it comes. There are no complicated and tricky wall-mounted fixings and all the available units are conveniently and easily adjustable.

Flexible Retail Display Shelving

Gondola shelving has a lot of flexibility. You can move the units around your entire store and can easily adjust it to varied different depths and heights to suit your shop display to your merchandise. Additionally, the shelving units come in various different sizes and styles. It’s best for retailers like supermarkets or discount stores that sell variety of products and often require to rearrange the display shelving of the shop.

Most kinds of merchandise can be attractively and easily displayed, implying that gondola shelving is conveniently suited to stores like convenience stores, hardware stores, pet stores, groceries, hobby stores, chemists, gasl station stores and automotive stores. Shelving is not only durable but also supports loads of items  around 300lbs.

Create an Attractive Retail Display

It can be used with various kinds of accessories like dividing walls with pegboards or slat-walls, meaning that stores can now do various kind of displays rather than standard type of retail store shelving. Accessories that you can apply on gondola units comprise of:

  • hanging pegs or hooks for displaying accessories and bags
  • wire baskets for displaying magazine
  • shelf dividers for splitting up shelf displays
  • LED lights for illuminating displays


Cost Effective

Gondola shelving units have low cost as compared to other kinds of shelving. Their maintenance cost is also low and these are beautifully designed. You can use them for many years too. As already stated, the easy assembly allowsyou to save money sidestepping installation costs. What’s more, now you can enhance the cost efficiency by displaying more variety of units and maximize your revenue too.

Now make your display environment magnificent while saving your space too with our high-quality Gondola shelving having a variety for you to choose from.