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Advantages of Using Gridwall Panel for Your Trade Show

Gridwall panels are the most common display technique used by most retailers and trade shows globally. With it, retailers can make the maximum benefit out of the products on display. There are many designs and accessories that grid panels can be installed with for maximum functionality. These grids can be used on walls or stand on their own. The freestanding panels are fitted with wheels that help in shifting position from one corner to the other. This saves space and makes your trade show display more flexible. Grid panels can be availed in different sizes, designs, and colors depending on the need of the user. What you should know is that all these diverse designs are made to fully accommodate your store inventory.


Grid display panels when orderedcome in one piece.. Once you have installed the gridwall panels, you may join in the accessories like hooks, hangers, bins, and even shelves. Based on your taste and preferences you can design and redesign your show how you want using these many accessories. Grid wall hardware and their connectors give you room to try a wide range of display options. With a little creativity, you can amaze your customers with unique designs and arrangements in your store. Find the right hardware and accessories to fill your empty wall. Remember you will be boosting your customer’s enthusiasm and strengthening your business at the same time.

Below are certain factors to consider when buying and installing grid panels for your show.

Color Co-Ordination

Grid panels are often used by most retailers to group the same merchandise. For instance, one rack could be used for trousers display while another handles T-shirts. Instead of doing this the mundane way, involve a little creativity and color coordinate everything in your store. Create and arrange a display that holds together almost similar or complementing clothes. You can create a perfect spectrum effect by simply playing with colors in your show.

Display the Best Outfits

You have to go the extra mile in ensuring the satisfaction of your customers. You need to thus be very selective in the stock you purchase for your show. Invest in pairs of clothing and jewelry that go together to entice the customer into making a purchase. Dresses, makeup kits, and jewelry could all make one beautiful section at the corner of your show whereas men sneakers, jeans and jackets could also take another corner. You should even consider using a mannequin to give a proper display of how the clothes and jewelry all match with each other.

Match Your Display Table with Your Wall Display

How do you catch your buyer’s attention to increase their expenditure? Stock your gridwall panel from hats to shoes. Whatever is displayed on your panels should be able to go with whatever display is on the table. You will be subconsciously convincing the customer to make more purchases of other products that go well with their initial purchases.