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All You Need To Know About Store Shelf Brackets

Shelving units are not always known for their style or design, since their main purpose is displaying rows and rows of goods in the form of bags, cans, boxes, and bottles. However, that doesn’t mean the design of certain components can’t serve a purpose themselves.

If you’re building or ordering shelving units for your store, consider all the options for shelf brackets. Whether you’re looking for brackets for gridwall or slatwall units, you can clearly see they have a striking resemblance of their own.

Shelf brackets come in multiple finishes, such as chrome, black, and white. All brackets are made of metal, but you can also find black and white brackets in matte versions if you want a solid looking fixture that doesn’t reflect light back.

Why Do Shelf Brackets Come In So Many Finishes?

Firstly, shelf brackets can be used as design components. Whether your shelves and other fixtures have a certain theme in your store, you can choose a certain finish that blends in nicely with the theme and environment. Black and white brackets work with bold and modern looking store themes, and they also work great with any types of colors if you’re looking to brand your store with your corporate color scheme.

Chrome has that classic metallic look. Unlike black and white finishes, chrome comes with versatility with almost any store theme imaginable. Hardware stores, casual clothes stores, even modern-themed stores have a place for chrome and metallic elements.

Secondly, if shelving brackets don’t work to tie the area together, they can blend in with the rest of your shelving to conceal the hardware from the customer’s view. For example, you can use black shelving brackets with metal black shelves. This takes attention away from the shelving brackets as they become harder to see from the buyer’s perspective.

Why do this? Simple because taking focus away from your shelving can draw more focus on your products. Using black brackets for white shelves, while it can look like a bold design element, can rather be distracting for some shoppers.

Does The Length of Shelf Brackets Matter?

The answer to this question is yes and no. Regardless of what kind of grid or slatwall units you have, any length of bracket is compatible just as long as it works with either type of unit. Length matters in two ways: They determine both your shelf space as well as your aisle space.

Long shelf brackets can hold larger shelves overall, and with larger shelves, you can store and display more goods at a time. This means more inventory is available to shoppers as well as less frequent restocks from your staff.

However, longer shelf brackets also mean a smaller aisle space for shoppers to walk and navigate. You might think that an easy fix for this would be to space aisles wider apart, but you likely don’t have enough room to do this at your store for all your aisles. This is why you should consider bracket and shelf lengths carefully so you can find the right balance of inventory for each of your goods and space for your shoppers to shop.


If you’re looking to buy or build your own store shelving units, it’s important to know that shelf brackets come in multiple finishes and lengths to pick from. Brackets have a clean appearance that can either help create a design theme or become concealed with your other shelving hardware. Consider the right shelf length for the proper balance of aisle and inventory space in your store.