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Beating Amazon: Part 3 - "Bargain Hunters"

In the last few tips, we've been discussing Amazon. Amazon has been eating up market share like crazy, and we know that retailers are worried. In response to the news a few weeks ago that Macy's is closing another 100 of it's stores, due in large part to Amazon's influence, we started a blog series called Beating Amazon: How The Independent Retailer Can Overcome Retail's E-Commerce Giant.

To jump to Part 1, click here and find out the one thing that is Amazon's biggest strength and also it's biggest weakness.

If you missed Part 2, you can click here and see the results of the most recent U.S. Department of Commerce study on E-Commerce and total retail sales.

This week we look at the another aspect of Amazon that should give you some hope...

Amazon caters to customers who are looking for a bargain.