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Complaints Help us Grow

In today’s tip, I would like to use one of our old tips that we have shared with you in the past – I feel that it’s still very relevant. I have learned how you can remain close to your customers and help solve their problems.

If you’re in business, you should love customers who complain.  What’s the alternative?  For most businesses, the customer doesn’t want the hassle of complaining.  Most of the time, the customer just doesn’t care enough about you or your staff to say anything.  They just end up going to the competition and not only do they not recommend you to others, but more than likely, may bad mouth you.  Sure, I don’t like getting complaint calls, but I love customers who care enough to call and give us the opportunity to MAKE THEM HAPPY.

Find as many ways to tell your Customers that you want to know if they are not happy.

  • Tell them when they are on hold on the telephone
  • Tell them with signs when they are at your place of business
  • Tell them in your advertising
  • Tell them when you communicate via email
  • Tell them on your website
  • Tell them every way you can

Of course, another reason you want to ask for those complaints is so you can fix the things that went wrong. Once everything is smoothed over, the client will appreciate you even more than they did before because you went out of your way to MAKE THEM HAPPY!