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Gondola Shelving Benefits

A gondola is a standalone structure used by retailers to display their merchandise. It is a shelving unit at the end of an aisle, often used as a secondary site to sell products. They are mainly used for temporary product placement, especially during promotion periods. It typically consists of a flat base and a vertical component featuring notches, boards, or slat walls. For superior durability, gondola shelves are made of heavy-duty Steel. There are three main types of gondola shelving - wall gondola, island gondola, and rnd-cap gondola. If you own a store and need help selecting a Gondola, this is the article for you.

Types of Gondola Shelves

Due to their versatility, Gondola shelves can be used for nearly any type of retail business, including grocery, convenience, pet, health, auto parts, liquor, cosmetics, etc. There are different kinds of units that you can choose from. Two of the most common are wall units and end units.

Wall units are display units that have shelves only on one side. These are wall-mounted and are made with heavy-duty steel components. The standard for these units is sturdy pegboards, but they are also available with solid or slat wall backings. The cost, however, might change. This can most commonly be seen at grocery, convenience, health, beauty, liquor, automation stores, among many others.

End units also have display shelves on one side to keep the merchandise. It is different from a wall unit as these are placed at the end of a running self instead of mounting on a wall. Also made using heavy-duty steel components, these are used to display more products at the end of the aisle, commonly seen and retail setting such as department stores, supermarkets, etc.

Benefits of Gondola shelving

  1.     Space Saver-

The major benefit of this type of shelving is that it enables retailers to optimize their store space. Since gondola shelving systems are free-standing units, retailers can create products lines throughout their store. They take minimum space and offer a practical solution for retailers who want to display a large number of items in a limited space.

  1.     Easy to Assemble

These shelves are quick to assemble. They are not tricky, and the sections are easily adjustable. Sometimes it can be done without the help of a professional, which means retailers get to save money.

  1.     It is Flexible

Gondola shelving offers maximum flexibility as it can be moved around the store, adjusted to different heights, and tailored to suit the store display. The shelves also come in various shapes and sizes and are ideal for discount racks at supermarkets that sell many products and need to change their display frequently.

  1.     It is Cost-Effective

Gondola shelving units cost much less compared to other types of shelving. They are low maintenance, and their robust design means they will last for years. The easy assembly also implies that you save cost by assembling them yourself instead of calling a professional.

If you want to purchase gondola shelves or accessories to manage your shelves, speak to our product experts, who will guide you to find the perfect unit for your store.


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