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Gift Bags Vs. Gift Boxes: Which Is Best for Presents?

Gift wrapping has become less popular in recent years, as more people are opting to buy gift bags instead. The obvious reason why this change is a popular one is because gift wrapping can be rather messy and time consuming. Gift bags on the other hand, are easy to deal with and reusable. Another option that you can consider are gift boxes, which are rectangular and sturdy containers that also can be reused. Rather than wrapping paper, two piece gift boxes are great alternatives. Both gift bags and gift boxes have their advantages as well as disadvantages. Here are a few factors to mull over when choosing one over the other.


Gift Bags: 

  • Gift bags are hands down more flexible than gift boxes. They provide better flexibility for packages and items that are irregularly shaped, whereas you might need to remove certain packaging to put a gift inside of a gift box. If you put a gift inside of a gift bag, it is sure to fit with plenty of extra wiggle room for tissue paper. 
  • Gift bags also have handles that make the bag easy to carry. Most gift boxes do not come with handles, so you cannot be allowed to carry more than one object at once with one arm. The handles on most gift bags can allow your hands freedom to carry a box, your car keys, or anything else.
  • Gift bags also come in some great, premade graphics. Some gift bags come in solid colors, while others have graphics that make it stand out from other gifts. You can even opt to print your own graphics on the bags, like with personalized messages or with your own corporate imagery. You can pay to have a professional looking gift bag with no talent or skill necessary.


Gift Boxes:

  • Gift boxes are sturdier than gift bags. You can put a heavy object inside a box without worrying about it falling out through the bottom. Many two piece gift boxes are made of thick paper, while others can be made of cardboard. Gift boxes also do not tear easily.
  • Gift boxes are also highly customizable; they can be decorated in any ways that you see fit. You can buy decorating supplies such as stickers, markers, ribbons, glitter, bows, pipe cleaner, or anything else that comes to mind to make your very own one-of-a-kind gift box starting with one solid color. While you might think that gift boxes look too plain, you are highly recommended to really give it a makeover so that it demands much more attention.
  • Gift boxes also come in varying sizes. While gift bags can also come in different sizes, the range for gift boxes are much greater. You can even order gift boxes that are large enough for a TV or computer.


Here is a brief summary of each method’s advantages over the over: 


Gift Bags

  • Are flexible.
  • Are easier to carry.
  • Come in pre-made graphics.

Gift Boxes

  • Are sturdier.
  • Can be decorated.
  • Can come in bigger sizes.


When it comes to storage, they both are also good in one respect and not as good in another. Gift bags take up less room than bulky boxes, however, boxes can be stacked vertically, while gift bags cannot.

Both gift-giving options are great, so it all comes down to your personal preference to determine which one is better than the other.

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