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"How Will You Be Johnny Today?"

“After all I’m just a bagger. Then I had an Idea,” Johnny said.“Every night after work, I’d come home and find a thought for the day. If I can’t find a saying I like,” he added, “I’d just think one up.”

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What would your Grandma think?

Every time you speak to a customer, end it with "Grandma" -­ if it sounds like something you would say to your grandmother or your grandmother would want to hear, then say it. If it doesn’t, then don’t say it.

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Complaints Help us Grow

If you’re in business, you should love customers who complain.  What’s the alternative?  For most businesses, the customer doesn’t want the hassle of complaining.  Most of the time, the customer just doesn’t care enough about you or your staff to say anything. 

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Customer service the "old school way"

The retail world is buzzing with news about the latest technology. Social media, point of sale solutions, geo-targeting… the advancements are coming at a furious pace.

We’re all for the latest tech, but if you’ve known us for any length of time, you know that we’re also all about good old fashioned customer service. Sometimes it seems like a friendly smile and good attitude are disappearing as fast as the technology is advancing.

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5 Steps To Killer Customer Service

Installing or updating your customer service mission, goals and vision is critical to your success as a business. One of the great things about customer service training is that a large majority of it can be helpful to a large variety of businesses, regardless of their size.

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