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Beating Amazon: Part 1 - "Macy's is Closing 100 Stores. What Does This Mean for You?"

Macy's announced a few weeks ago that it is closing 100 of it's stores - that's almost 15% of it's total store count!

1 minute 26 second clip from CNNMoney: Macy's Closing 100 Stores

Other giant retailers like Kohls are also losing sales, and a lot of it is due to the 800 pound gorilla in the room: Amazon.

So should you be scared of Amazon? And is it all about bargain hunting these days?

We answer those questions and more in our new blog post seriesBeating Amazon: How The Independent Retailer can Overcome Retail's E-Commerce Giant.

Click here to read the first installment. We'll update it each week and give you a link in the Retail Tip. Here's an excerpt from this week's post:

"Amazon does some things really, really well. It can give you some great deals and good prices on shipping. It has one of the best websites in the world. But it is limited... for instance, have you ever really gotten to know a living breathing person at Amazon?"