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Organizing Your Store with the help of Hangers

Hangers are a great product to use to help organize your store. With a large array of sizes, colors, and material, hangers today are sure to suit your design needs. Here is a quick look at how different hangers can help you take your store's displays to the next level. 

Why Is the Material of the Hanger Important?

As you might guess, different types of hangers are used for certain clothing items to reduce or stop the risk of causing damage to the product.

How can a wire hanger damage a shirt for example? If the shirt spends a long period of time on a hanger, it can possibly get stretched out and these modifications cannot be undone. In which case, the type of hangers that you use do matter.

Choosing the right hangers for the right clothes for your store will not only ensure that the clothes are safe from errors later on, but the hanger will also display it in a way that is attractive to consumers. Hangers are also necessary for stores to display a variety of clothing products in one space.

Hangers come in different colors, sizes, and materials. It isn’t enough to just have hangers that work, as the hangers do need to match the theme of your store so that the product can better express a feeling to the customer who is looking to buy it.

Hangers can be made into plastic or wooden hangers, and stores commonly use them to best show the customer how an article of clothing looks without it being worn by a mannequin or the customers themselves.

Plastic hangers

Plastic hangers are the most common type of hangers used in retail stores. They are light in weight, are cheaply made, and can be made in practically any color. The most common color of hangers you will come across are black and white.

Black plastic hangers are meant to go with any color of clothing that the hanger carries. If you were meant to display clothes in any other color of hanger, the hanger would interfere with the clothing in regards as to how the customer would perceive it.

When it comes to what kinds of stores use plastic hangers, virtually any store can use them that is not an upscale or luxury store. Plastic hangers can look sleek, modern, and timeless, looking suitable to hold any type of garment without tampering with the quality of the garment overall.

Wooden hangers

While plastic hangers can look rather cold, wooden hangers can portray the opposite feeling. Wooden hangers are meant to evoke comfort, warmth and sophistication. Wooden hangers are used in a wide variety of stores from men’s stores to sporting goods stores to luxury stores.

Wooden hangers are more expensive than plastic hangers, but you can decide to not have them included with the customer’s purchase of the item in question, so you do get them back to use for another item that you want to display at your store.

Contoured wood hangers are the hangers of choice for business suits, as plastic hangers simply do not offer enough support to display them properly or keep them secure. If you are selling suits, jackets, and/or blazers, then you need to buy this type of hanger for your retail space.

While wooden hangers are considered higher quality and ritzier than plastic hangers, they are not for every store. One hanger, for that matter, is not considered better than the other, so choose the type of hangers that you think your store needs more.

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