“After all I’m just a bagger. Then I had an Idea,” Johnny said.“Every night after work, I’d come home and find a thought for the day. If I can’t find a saying I like,” he added, “I’d just think one up.”

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"How Will You Be Johnny Today?"

My favorite customer service book of all time is The Simple Truths of Service, Inspired by Johnny the Bagger by Ken Blanchard and Barbara Glanz. 

The book is filled with excellent customer service ideas and stories but the star of the book is Johnny, a nineteen-year-old bagger, with Down syndrome at a grocery store.


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After watching a customer service presentation by Barbara, Johnny takes it upon himself to put a little extra into his job and provide a little more for each client. Following Johnny’s lead, the attitude of everyone in the store changed in a positive way, the store’s sales rose dramatically and clients stand in long lines just to be in Johnny’s lane.
Encourage each person on your team to be a “Johnny” by getting a copy of the book for each team member or a few copies for the store and then periodically ask, “How will you be Johnny today?”

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