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Kinds of Stores That Could Use T Shirt Bags

If you are running a store, you might have quickly learned that plastic shopping bags offer plenty of room for several items at a time. For shoppers that only want to purchase a couple of smaller items, however, a regular-sized shopping bag might look and feel excessive. You need a smaller bag to give to shoppers, in this case, and fortunately, they exist.


These bags are known as T shirt bags, and their primary goal is to store purchased T shirts in an organized manner to prevent damage and wrinkling. But just because your store doesn’t sell T shirts doesn’t mean that they cannot be of great use to you and your customers. Here are all the types of stores that should consider using T shirt bags for carrying purchased goods.

T-Shirt Bag


Clothing and Department Stores

The most obvious of stores, a T shirt bag will neatly carry many kinds of shirts, from tank tops to long sleeved shirts to button down shirts. These bags can also carry individual clothing items like sweatpants, belts, ties, jewelry, watches, and cologne/perfume, if packaging is small enough. There are actually many different articles of clothing that can fit right inside T shirt bags, and they fit snugly without any stress being done to the bag. These bags are simply a must-have for stores that have a large focus on selling clothing items.


Pharmacies and Drug Stores

Franchise drug stores may already supply their stores with suitable bags for carrying small products, but if you are starting up a drug store of your own, you would be better off to have a number of T shirt bags to use, as well. Over-the-counter drugs and supplements are often the primary reason for people to visit drugs stores, and nothing says convenience more than the right sized bag for each of them. The possibilities of small items sold in drug stores is endless, from vitamins and lotions to candy and mints. Every drug store should have a plentiful amount of smaller shopping bags.


Pet Stores

T shirt bags can be often necessary at pet stores, too. Not many people enter a pet store and then come out with a cart-full of items for their pets. Various items such as dog chews are small enough to fit inside these bags, making them convenient for shoppers who aren’t looking to buy many items at each visit. Items like canned pet food, pet toys, leashes, collars, harnesses and more are packaged to fit inside smaller shopping bags. These are convenient bags for any and all pet supply stores.


Electronics Stores

T shirt bags and electronic stores go together like a horse and a carriage. Electronics, music and video game stores all sell compact products that can all fit well in a T shirt bag. Customers that want to pick up a new smartphone in addition to peripherals and accessories might only need a smaller shopping bag to carry all their newly-owned goods. Collectibles such as DVDs, Blu Ray discs, and video games also come in slim packaging ideal for T shirt bags. With the narrow nature of T shirt bags, you can have up to 3 or 4 of these cases fit naturally inside each of them.



Regular shopping bags are always necessary for stores, but T shirt bags are a smaller alternative for shoppers that are only buying one or two smaller items at a time. And of course, you don’t have to sell T shirts in order to use them. Consider buying shopping bags so that you will not waste your larger bags and eventually run out of them.

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