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The Perfect Ribbon for Your Bow

We are always looking for ways to add personalized touches to gifts for friends, family or customers. Ribbons and bows offer a great way to present a gift that is not only affordable, but also very adorable. Getting the perfect bow and ribbon depends on the project at hand and the kind of impression you intend to create for the recipient. Here are a few tips on how to pick the perfect ribbon, no matter the event:

 Find your Theme:

The amount of ribbon that exists in the world is crazy overwhelming! If you head into choosing ribbon with no  sense of direction you can get confused and discouraged real fast. The quickest way to help sort through the endless ribbon styles is by choosing 1-2 themes and go from there.  Whether it be a unicorn themed birthday party or a July 4th party, choosing a theme can help put you on the path for success. 

Think of Size:

The size or width of you ribbon can be just as important as the style or color. If you are looking at decorating a larger gift with a ribbon and bow, choosing a narrow and thin ribbon would not have the same effect as a thicker one. At the same time, you wouldn’t want to use a large and wide ribbon for smaller gifts such as a gift card or jewelry box.

Mix Textures and Colors:

At American Retail Supply we offer 10+ ribbon and bow options that range anywhere from Hot Pink Tulle, Gold Wired Encore ribbon, Satin ribbon and even Pre-notched bows. Mixing and matching these items can help create a unique and aesthetically pleasing gift anyone would love to receive.

Get Creative:

Ribbon and bows are not just meant to be put on presents. Think out of the box to find more ways to incorporate these versatile pieces into your shop or home decoration with ease. Yes, large bows look amazing on a beautifully wrapped gift, but they can also be used to accentuate a sale section in your store as well! And while ribbon can be curled and tied to perfection, it can also be the perfection addition to holiday decoration, specifically as a way to highlight your Christmas tree.

When choosing the type of ribbon to use, always look for something that fits in your plans and can inspire creativity.


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