Why Retailers Should Get Paper Bags

Why Retailers Should Get Paper Bags

Paper bags are the mainstay of the packaging industry, being suitable for many businesses. These bags are available in a variety of size, colors, and stock patterns. White kraft and brown kraft papers are often used due to their clean appearance, low costs, and recyclability. As more businesses become subject to city and state bag restrictions, these handled bags have grown popular. Such bags are highly durable and environmentally friendly as well.

Any packing experience like this has the potential to jog a customer's memory. When products are presented to retailers, presentation is critical in evaluating the package's attractiveness. With time, this approach or using paper bags gets ingrained in the minds of committed customers. The use of custom paper bags is always a surprise for any retailer due to the impression it gives to the customer.

Use of Custom Prints

During events such as trade shows, outdoor markets or craft fairs, it's always a good idea to leave a lasting impression with custom printed paper bags. Not only are these environmentally friendly and recyclable packaging solutions, but these can also be used for branding in an effective manner. Recycling has been a major concern , and so a company using these would make a statement by using them.

Different kinds of bags used for this purpose include:

  • Euro Totes
  • Paper Shopping Bags
  • SOS Bags
  • Merchandise Bags

Retailers can expect such bags to be available in different styles, paper materials, and colors. Custom printed patterns like Western, jungle-based, and others are also available at reputed stores.

Get Bags in Various Sizes

It is possible for retailers to acquire paper bags in a variety of sizes from a reputable company. The smallest of these can be used to stock trinkets, baked goods, and fashion jewelry. There are other bag sizes for t-shirts, small glasses, scarves, and clothes. There are large bags as well for carrying heavier items.

What Makes Paper Merchandise Bags Suitable for Use?

The flat form of merchandise bags makes them ideal for greeting cards, key chains, and magnets.  The unique patterns and motifs set them apart while offering any type of gift. A large variety of styles, colors, and sizes are available as well.

As with paper merchandise bags, SOS bags can be used for groceries and drugstore items. These inexpensive paper bags can be used daily at farmers markets and supermarkets. Available in a variety of colors, they can be modified for a unique look. Remember to use FDA-approved SOS bags to ensure optimal food safety.

Environment Friendly Bags

Sustainable packaging is required in the form of food-grade paper bags. Bags are created from food waste that has been turned into paper-like material. These allow food to breathe for an extended period of time, ensuring that it remains fresh. Square bottoms enable them to stand comfortably, irrespective of the number of baked and fried items inside.

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